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First 6 Weeks

A kitten's first year is vital to her eventual physical development. Equally important is the human - feline connection that takes place in the early weeks this will set the pace, not only for your relationship with your cat but also for her developing personality. Kittens are not simply miniature cats. Their development into adult cats is a fascinating process and each step of the way a kitten is in a unique place in its life. The wise owner will recognize this and use it to understand what your kitten is experiencing as well as what her actions are telling you.
Under ideal circumstances a kitten should remain with her mother for at least 12 to 16 weeks. Although the mother will start weaning her kittens sometime between five and seven weeks, this additional time helps the kittens learn socialization skills.
The First Six Weeks
The crucial first six weeks in a cat's life accomplish much in determining her personality and character for the rest of her life. Health wise this time is also essential to the developing kitten as very young kittens are susceptible to a number of threats such as worms & diarrhoea. Your kitten will never grow at such a remarkable rate again and seeing the changes in her development from week to week is an incredible experience.

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7 Weeks to 12 Weeks

Seven to Twelve Weeks
Kittens start to develop their social skills at this time, by observing their mother and play with other kittens and cats and also interacting with humans. This period of time is extremely enjoyable both for us and the kitten as she practices running, jumping, stalking and pouncing. Kittens at this age love to play games of "hide and seek" with their humans and bags (with handles removed) or cardboard boxes make great accessories for play. Your kitten will continue to grow rapidly during this period, and her motor skills will continue to develop as she practices chasing and catching "prey." She will also start to adopt a more "adult" sleeping habit instead of just flopping wherever she happens to be.

3 to 6 months

Three to Six Months
At about four months your kitten may start losing her baby teeth as the adult teeth grow through. Her gums may be painful and this would be an excellent time to start a program of dental care. Kittens start to establish their place in the "social ranking order" of your house during this time. It is not unusual to see a kitten "challenge" the top cat, which usually will earn the youngster a cuff on the ears. Other cats, depending on their social position and personalities may defer to the kitten. Your kitten is growing rapidly at this time, and might notice your previously plump kitten suddenly appears long and lanky. Kittens should continue to eat kitten food during this phase of growth - they need the additional nutrients for strong bones, health teeth and supple muscles.
Health:Your kitten can and should be spayed or neutered between three and six months. Cats' sexual maturity can vary and both female and male kittens as young as four or five months have been known to become sexually active.

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Kittens 6 Months to 12 Months

Six to Twelve Months Wow how time flies! Your kitten will now be starting to show the physical and social traits of a fully grown cat. By 12 months she will have attained the physical growth of a 15 year old human teenager and will undoubtedly start showing some of the same personality traits of that age. Don't worry if your kitten doesn't seem as responsive to you. Like a teenager she is testing the waters of adulthood to see what it feels like. She is also playing a "dominance" game with you just as she might with another cat or kitten. Be patient with and give her all the affection and love she will take but do it on her terms. She will come around. Your youngster will continue to grow and develop for another year and some breeds are not fully developed for four years. Whatever the ultimate size of your cat don't lose sight of the fact that her overall health and well-being are of prime importance.
Enjoy your kitten's first year she will continue to provide you with love for many years to come!

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The Southern Counties Cat Club Show 29/01/2011

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Mrs Kilby
1st & CC.  O’NEILL & FINCH’S NEVAEH BHUPALI (76 30) female.
Adolescent girl, pleasing head shape, the ears are of medium size and are well set.  Good profile line and chin, the bite is level.  Expressive eyes, good hazel colouring.  The coat base could be a little warmer in tone, but has spots of various sizes which are well marked.  Good facial pattern.  Strong well developed body, well shaped limbs, good short thick tail.

The West Country Cat Club Show 15/01/2011

Mrs C Jones
BROWN SPOTTED BENGAL ADULT  (Boo's 1st CC on her Birthday)
1st O’NEILL & FINCH’S NEVAEH BHUPALI (76 30) female.

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The National Cat Club Show 11/12/2010


Ms M Chapman
2nd O’NEILL & FINCH’S NEVAEH BHUPALI (76 30) female.
A pretty, sleepy young girl. Medium sized ears of good shape and set with gentle rounding to top of head between. Large eyes of good shape and set having good width between. Well defined whisker pads, slight contour to profile with level chin. Elegant body of good shape and size, of good weight, with well shaped legs which are well spotted down to paws. Tummy is well spotted with paler area between back legs but does have feint spots. Good texture to coat which shows well defined black and dark brown markings including rosettes and arrowheads. Tail is well marked but would like a little thicker in shape. Lovely nature and in good condition. 

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